Experience. Care. Dedication.

Values: the difference between getting someone to do a job
and finding the right person to the the job brilliantly.

We are setting new and higher standards in recruitment whilst maintaining human interaction.

Career Seekers
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Be prepared for something different.

An approach to recruitment that goes well beyond just bums on seats, or a claim of having X,000’s of candidates on a database that probably haven’t been contacted in a while, or if ever, or shuffling the same candidates to clients again and again.  Instead Resourcing 4 U is about a personal service with real human interaction.

With Resourcing 4 U, you will enjoy a sincere and transparent service that is all about helping people, getting to really know and understand you, whether you are looking for a job or have ones to offer. Resourcing 4 U has a culmination of just over 30 years of experience within the recruitment industry of Australia and the UK across a variety of sectors and industries.

Where the industry typically persists in seeing people and roles as pegs and holes regardless of how well they fit, Resourcing 4 U’s emphasis is on solutions that work for candidate and company alike. Look forward to unprecedented levels of personal service – we understand people and business.  We will take the time to understand you and your plans for the future and seek solutions on that basis.



We have over 30 years experience matching talented candidates with employers


People are more than their CV’s.  We believe it’s what you DO with what you HAVE, not what you HAVE that counts


We only establish and develop strong working relations with the people and leading employers through the City of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is the number one City for job creation in the UK and Resourcing 4 U is committed to helping the city to grow and we share its vision.

Our Focus

Lou Adler says it so well. We help companies to hire for Results, not pedigree. As a career seeker we don’t just help you to find any old job but rather one that motivates you, gets you excited and provides you with a great opportunity, career growth, challenge and learning opportunities.

Resourcing 4 U

Resourcing 4 U

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