Dedicated to every person who wants to get the job they deserve.

Our goal is to ensure you are never dismissed from being considered for a role based on a computer analysis, emotions, intuition, feelings or superficial or biased assessments.

Are you feeling frustrated with the current techniques you are using to find alternative work?
Are you tired of seeing job advertisements that only identify a list of criteria rather than give you any information about the purpose of the role they are looking to fill?
Are you fed up of giving all of your personal information away to complete strangers never to hear from them again?

We could probably go on, couldn’t we?

We at Resourcing 4 U hear you and as such our focus is about YOU and your career goals, needs, wants and desires.  What you will experience by using Resourcing 4 U to find that position you are REALLY looking for is that we won’t give you empty promises.

You can see us as your Personal Assistant in finding what you are looking for, the ears to listen for the things we know you will like but even more importantly the ability to be able to see the things you won’t like and the mouthpiece to present you in a way that our clients will find compelling.

We will take the time in getting to know and understand you. We want to know about your career goals, dreams and aspirations.  Basically what makes you want to get out of bed every day and do what you do, not just about your qualifications.

You will be listened to and accepted for who YOU are.

We will find companies that suit YOU where you will:

  • Be rewarded for your work
  • Be promoted faster
  • Be provided with feedback on how you are doing
  • Know what is expected of you
  • Where you will be able to have good strong relationships with other members of the organisation irrespective of your age, colour, race or religion
  • Be able to have a say in how you do your job
  • Be recognized
  • Be able to blend work and life
  • Receive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Give you the challenge and growth we all need

We will provide you with honest, transparent feedback on each step of the recruiting process. If we are not quick enough for you, you need some questions answered or some information researched then just pick up the phone. We are always available (well nearly always but if we are not we promise to return your phone call as soon as we can) to talk to you personally at a time that is convenient to both of us.

We have extended our office hours to 21:00 five days a week, plus Saturday morning to allow you the opportunity to meet with us outside of office hours (appointments required) and made it very easy for you to schedule an appointment with us at a time that suits you.  Just simply click here: Schedule Now.

We will provide you with a comprehensive “Performance based Job Description/Job Scorecard” for every role we would like you to consider, not simply a list of things that you MUST have. This will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Company Detail
  • Mission & Strategy
  • Measurable Job Accountabilities (What)
  • The competencies which will be linked to accountabilities
  • Location (Where)
  • Timeframes (When)
  • Process (How)
  • Remuneration and Benefits

Yes, we have and use the latest technology, however we will not allow this to jeopardise your opportunity of being put forward to the best options just because your cv might be missing a key word or skill.  We have and will never take out the human interaction.  We believe at Resourcing 4 U it is the best way to know you and to ensure you have the motivation ad ability to perform the role.  There is so much that cannot be demonstrated about you in your CV.

Our goal is to ensure that you are never dismissed from being considered for a role based on emotions, intuition, feelings or a superficial or biased assessment. Instead, we make sure that you are considered because of what you are able to offer a business or company which is ultimately about helping them to achieve their business goals.

If this service sounds anywhere near what you are looking for to help you get through the maze of searching for your next career step and to help prevent having your self-confidence eroded, then why not schedule a call now.