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There are two leading challenges facing any business today that has a hiring need.

The first challenge is we are seeing trends that indicate that the demand for top talent is far greater than supply.  As such businesses need to adjust their hiring process from relying on a surplus candidate market to find people which was based on attracting many and weeding out the weak for a specific role to what we refer to as a candidate short/scarce market which is now about finding ways to attract the best.

The second challenge is the one factor accounting most for individual and organisational failure.  Believe it or not it is not flawed strategy, insufficient capital, lack of government protection or bailouts, bad luck, corruption or technology?  More important than all of these factors combined is the failure to recruit the right person for their business.  A very costly and timely exercise.

Even though there are two challenges they basically boil down to the single most important driver of organisational performance and individual managerial success and that is an organisations ability to hire and promote the best people at every salary level.

The trouble is, most companies do not have superior talent because they do not have the experience, training, knowledge or time to find and select the best talent.  They simply do not know how to solve their biggest headaches.  Do any of the following sound like you?

So the question is how does your organisation overcome these challenges especially when you do not have the in-house experience, resources, training, knowledge or the time to select the best talent in order for your organisation to achieve its business goals?

Our suggestion is that you consider hiring Resourcing 4 U to do up to 80% of the task and for us to show you the best way to complete the process that will ensure a “win win” for all concerned.

Some of the ways Resourcing 4 U will help your organisation to not only hire the best performers but to also solve the biggest hiring headache, being dishonest.

Our 12 step recruitment process incorporates performance, hiring with honesty, thoroughness, and verifiability of candidate information that will produce 75% success and even 90%+ success.

Part of our recruitment process includes helping you to put together the following:

  • Candidate Profile that will provide you with some important insights into your ideal candidate.
  • Performance based Job Description/Scorecard” rather than a vague “Job Description”.  This in and of itself will become a very valuable tool for your organisation moving forward because it will assist you to monitor, develop and performance manage your new recruit.
  • Quality of Hire Scorecard.  This tool will provide you with a formal means to evaluate the candidate on all the important factors; basic skills, their achiever pattern, the core competencies and the structural fit.  This will help you to make the very best hiring decision that is not reliant on some technology, or dismissing someone from being considered based on emotions, intuition, feelings, superficial or biased assessments.

Our candidates know up front and throughout our on-boarding process that they will have to arrange reference calls with their former bosses and others you/I choose. Simply getting this agreement upfront convinces the candidate to replace commonplace falsehoods in CV’s and interviews with refreshing honesty.

Our interview process is not over in just 15 minutes but more likely to take 2 hours. It covers the total career – every success, failure, key decision, and key relationship, for every job.  This brings truth and honesty (they are more likely to be honest with us than you I’m sorry to say), complete information on the candidate’s career, and as the icing on the cake, everything a candidate claims will be verified through reference checks that the candidate arranges.

Our interviewing process also helps us to identify not only potential employees attributes but also their ability to demonstrate consistently their pattern of making intelligent decisions, and that they are energetic, motivated and positive in their approach. People will behave as they have in the past. We have the time, the experience, the resources and the skills which are designed to identify the patterns and this gives us the ability to predict how that prospective employee will behave in similar situations.  When interviewing candidates our goal is to measure a potential employee’s ability to meet all job needs based on the performance based job description/job scorecard so that we can identify their comparable accomplishments for your position.

Before we even talk to you about a potential candidate we will know pretty much all there is to know about them, certainly far more than you probably have got the time for or indeed the know-how of how to obtain this information, thus being able to answer the most important question?  Are they the right “fit” for your business and existing team and will they achieve the business goals we require?

So if you are willing to meet with us face to face, are prepared to be honest and very candid with us about yourself (the direct supervisor/boss), your company, team and any challenges you have had to date together with, what’s great about working for you and with you and what your organisations goal is hoping to achieve by hiring this person then we would love to meet with you and invite you to schedule a meeting by clicking here.

Current Featured Candidates

Just some of our many top quality candidates

Rachel Green
Sales Manager
With 15 years experience as a sales manager, Rachel has worked in a variety of corporate sectors primarily based around healthcare. She has managed multiple departments and is a results-driven employee.
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Monica Geller
Customer Service & Support
Monica has been working in customer service for over 5 years and has an exemplary track record to prove it. Determined & hard-working, she always looks at how she can better help a customer.
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Chandler Bing
Sales Consultant
Chandler has worked in a variety of business to business sales roles over the past 4 years, continuously exceeding his KPIs and finding new business in the process. Cold calls and inbound, he's done them both.
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